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Create child pages in Redmine

Once or twice a year I have to setup a new Redmine project, which we use to organize conferences for PostgreSQL Europe.

Every single time I'm trying to figure out how the child pages for the meeting notes work.

Steps required:

  • Create a page "MeetingMinutes", doesn't need to have any content, but it must exist
  • Create the first child page with meeting minutes, as parent page select "MeetingMinutes"
  • On the main wiki page insert a link with: "{{child_pages(MeetingMinutes)}}"

Every time I forget step 1), because this page is only required as parent page, and serves no further purpose. And then I'm wondering why I can't create child pages.


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Dominik Ras on :

Hi Andreas - I posted a quick comment about that on LinkedIn. Check it out. Let me know if that helps, or if you get stuck somewhere. I'll help gladly. I realize Redmine can be a b....tch ;) Link:
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