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PostgreSQL Project @ GSoC 2022

As is a good tradition, the PostgreSQL Project participates in Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Last year we submitted 7 projects for 7 students - and got all 7 projects accepted. This year we got quite a few more good proposals from students, and more mentors are helping. Guess what? Google accepted all 12 proposals!

Google modified the program again. For 2021 they cut the time for every project in half, to accommodate for the at-home work during the Covid-19 pandemic. This turned out to be suboptimal, and many larger projects need more time. This year students can choose between “medium” (175 hours) and “large” (350 hours) projects. This gives everyone a chance to scope the project accordingly.



Within the PostgreSQL Project, the mentors are working on the following student projects (in no particular order):

  • pgBackRest port to Windows
    • Mentors: David Steele, Reid Thompson, Stephen Frost
  • New and improved website for pgjdbc
  • DBT-5 Stored Procedure Development
  • pgmoneta: Storage API
    • Mentors: Athila Mattos, Jesper Pedersen, Nikita Bugrovsky
  • GUI representation of monitoring System Activity with the system_stats Extension in pgAdmin 4
  • Develop Performance Farm Benchmarks and Website
  • pgmoneta: Write-Ahead Log (WAL) infrastructure 
    • Mentors: Athila Mattos, Jesper Pedersen, Nikita Bugrovsky
  • pgexporter: Custom file
    • Mentors: Athila Mattos, Jesper Pedersen, Nikita Bugrovsky
  • Improve pgarchives
    • Mentors: Ilaria Battiston, Andreas Scherbaum
  • Improve PostgreSQL Regression Test Coverage
    • Mentors: Reid Thompson, Stephen Frost
  • pgmoneta: On-disk encryption
    • Mentors: Andrea Vibelli, Dustin Kut Moy Cheung
  • pgagroal: SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS support
    • Mentors: Andrea Vibelli, Dustin Kut Moy Cheung

Thanks to all students for the proposals, and all mentors for helping! Have fun over the summer!


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