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Run Ansible tasks as different remote user

Had a somewhat curious situation: need to run a task in Ansible in different user accounts, but I don't have sudo or su access, only ssh access for every account. Took me a moment to figure out how to do that.


In Ansible one can use the $remote_user variable which specifies the account used on the remote system. Usually this is used on a Play(book) level:

- hosts:
  gather_facts: True
  become: no
  remote_user: "someremoteuser"

Then the entire Play will use "someremoteuser" as login. So far, so good. But I need to change remote_user for single tasks. That is possible as well:

- name: Try user 1
    cmd: "id"
  remote_user: "user1"
  register: whoami_1

- name: Debug user 1
    msg: "{{ whoami_1 }}"

- name: Try user 2
    cmd: "id"
  remote_user: "user2"
  register: whoami_2

- name: Debug user 2
    msg: "{{ whoami_2 }}"

The task "Try user 1" will login as user "user1", and "Try user 2" will open a new connection and login as "user2".

This can even be used in a loop:

      - "user1"
      - "user2"

- name: Try user
    cmd: "whoami"
  remote_user: "{{ item }}"
  register: whoami
  loop: "{{ run_users }}"

Every "whoami" command will be executed as a different login user.

Excuse me while I rewrite my Playbook.


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