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Show me recent notes in my Obsidian Work Vault

In the previous Obsidian blog posting about managing tasks I showed a note which lists all open tasks in my Work vault. This gives me quick access to all open tasks.

In the same way I use another note quite often which shows me recently added and changed files in my Work vault.


Here is said note with the DataView queries:

## List recently created files

TABLE dateformat(file.ctime, "dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm") AS "Last created" FROM "Work" SORT file.ctime DESC LIMIT 25

## List recently modified files

TABLE dateformat(file.mtime, "dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm") AS "Last modified" FROM "Work" SORT file.mtime DESC LIMIT 25

The details:

List recently created files

This DataView query shows the last 25 notes created in my Work folder, sorted by newest first entry first. I found that 25 is more than enough, usually I don't need more than about 10. The list goes back about a week to 10 days, more or less, depending on how many new notes I created.

Anything older than a few days I'm not looking up this way, but use the search function in Obsidian.

List recently modified files

Same as "recently created", this query shows the last 25 modified notes in the Work vault, latest changed notes first. This is usually between 3 to 5 days, but I'm mostly looking for anything I touched very recently.


These two DataView queries help me speed up accessing notes in my vault. I can find them using the search function as well, but when I know I created or modified this note recently, using these two lists is even faster.



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