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The real difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL

Just at FOSDEM, i was talking to a visitor and Susanne was talking to Lenz Grimmer from MySQL, who just visited our booth. The visitor i was talking to asked me, what the difference between both databases is, i pointed behind and told him: She (pointing to Susanne) is from PostgreSQL, he (pointing to Lenz) is from MySQL. Just ask for yourself.

The visitor looked right, looked left, back right and told me with a smile: "Yes, i can see the difference" ;-)

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Estaban en el FOSDEM dos representantes de ambas bases de datos, cuando a un curioso le dio por preguntar cuales eran las diferencias entre ambas bases de datos. Por suerte hay gente que con pocas explicaciones lo entiende todo :D Comments ()


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Martin on :

I don't get it.
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Andreas on :

Martin: Susanne is a woman, Lenz is a man.
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Markus on :

It's official: MySQL is from Mars, Postgres is from Venus :-D
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Andrew Hammond on :

This is one of the few times when a picture would have been worth a few thousand words. So... I wasn't sure that this is Susanne.
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Susanne on :

The picture is horrible, but that is me ...
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Wicho on :

Did you mean MySql is better?
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Wicho on :

We do not talk about better or worse, we just talk about differences.
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