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Blue plush elephants

Mr. Postman again, this time he delivered a parcel.

Content: 50 blue plush elephants for the PGDay in Italy:


Informatik aus Versehen on : Datenwust

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Bei heise online ist ein sehr interessanter Hintergrundbericht zur derzeitigen Entwicklung bei der Anti-Terror-Gesetzgebung erschienen. Besonders interessant ist die Auflistung der Datenbanken, aus denen in Zukunft beim BKA Informationen zusammengeführt w Comments ()

Magnus Hagander's PostgreSQL Blog on : pgday is under way

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I arrived in Prato, Italy, yesterday and even got picked up at the airport. We then went to Monash University where the conference would be. After some time waiting to help out we (me, Josh Berkus and David Fetter) gave up on that and went for a walk arou Comments ()

ads' corner on : Elephants and turtles

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Someone on IRC asked for pictures with elephants and turtles, so i took the chance:The elephant is plush and you can get one from me, if you want. Just ask me on IRC or drop me a mail. The turtles just made a short jaunt from the aquarium for this phot Comments ()


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Magnus on :

Yay! Me want! :)
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Federico on :

Magnus just wait to see the gadget that my girlfriend done for the speakers :P
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