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some tests from has tested again the performance of PostgreSQL 8.2-dev and Mysql 4.1.20 and Mysql 5.0.20a. Results are nice and shown here.

Best thing: the collapses for requests per seconds if Mysql has a concurrency greater than 7. Oh, and by the way, they don't state the table type for Mysql so we don't know, if it is the fast and forgetfully MyIsam or the better but slower InnoDB type.

PGCon 2007 - PostgreSQL Conference for Users and Developers

PGCon is a annual conference for users and developers of PostgreSQL, a leading relational database, which just happens to be open source. PGCon is the place to meet, discuss, build relationships, learn valuable insights, and generally chat about the work you are doing with PostgreSQL. If you want to learn why so many people are moving to PostgreSQL, PGCon will be the place to find out why. Whether you are a casual user or you've been working with PostgreSQL for years, PGCon will have something for you.

PGCon 2007 will be held on 23-24 May 2007 at University of Ottawa.

Good article about comparisation of PostgreSQL and MySQL has a fair comparisation about the two databases engines, not looking at the speed but at more important points like features, ACID, transactions or commercial and 24/7/365 support. In other words, all the things you want, if you decide to use a database in a production environment.

The article can be found at: