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New mobile compatible with my Palm

Since the battery in my old S65 is dying, i'm searching a new mobile.

It seems, that some manufacturers still have an irda port, but this won't work well together with the standard SMS tool on a Palm 5. The problem is that you cannot receive the short messages from the phone. I have two tools for sms on my Palm, both do not work with all newer mobiles i have tested.

Anybony knows a usable mobile which works well together with a Palm? Then please drop me a mail ...

Elephants and turtles

Someone on IRC asked for pictures with elephants and turtles, so i took the chance:

The elephant is plush and you can get one from me, if you want. Just ask me on IRC or drop me a mail. The turtles just made a short jaunt from the aquarium for this photo shoot ;-)

mental note to myself: i need more light for better pictures.