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PostgreSQL @ FOSDEM 2017

Like the past 10 or so years, the PostgreSQL Project is present at FOSDEM 2017. We also organize a separate PostgreSQL Day on Friday.

This blog post presents vital information about both the PGDay and the booth and devroom at FOSDEM.


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Ansible: unpack a file on the remote host - Ansible version 2.2

A while ago I posted about a nasty problem in the Ansible "unarchive" module: in version 2.0.x, if you do not specify "copy=no", Ansible will happily copy the file again from the Ansible host.

Turns out, that problem was fixed in version 2.2, but now the Playbook runs into an error:

fatal: [xxx]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "parameters are mutually exclusive: ('copy', 'remote_src')"}

Even if "copy" is set to "no", Ansible no longer accepts both parameters.


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Migrate Maildir to Gmail

Recently it was time to refurbish our email infrastructure. For a very long time I was hosting everything for myself, but things don't get easier and over time even the spam filters couldn't catch up. Therefore I looked into a number of hosted services, and in the end settled with Google Gmail.


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