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webhook service with TLS and Let's Encrypt certificate

For a number of services, I need a system/service which can receive web hooks, and act when such a trigger is received.

Just a few examples:

  • GitHub can send web hooks when something changes in a repo (in any repository you administer, go to "Settings" -> "Webhooks", and add your own hook)
  • Tasker for Android can send HTTP(s) requests
  • JIRA can send web hooks when certain events occur
  • openHAB can send messages to other services

Now it would be useful to have your own receiver for web hooks, and run any task you want. There are a number of tools out there, which can solve this problem. I settled with "webhook". In addition, I deploy everything using Ansible, therefore I had to write a bit of code in order to automate this process.


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Ansible: Just mount an existing filesystem

There is no easy way to "just mount" an existing filesystem in Ansible, using the "mount" module. I just want to mount an already defined mount point, and don't really care about all the configuration here. But if I try this:

- name: Mount /backup filesystem
    path: "/backup"
    state: mounted

I end up with the following error message:

TASK [Mount /backup filesystem] ********************
fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "state is mounted but all of the following are missing: src, fstype"}

Ansible requires to configure the mount point all the way. Also specified in the documentation:

  • "fstype" is required when state is "present" or "mounted"
  • "state" == "mounted": the device will be actively mounted and appropriately configured in fstab. If the mount point is not present, the mount point will be created.

Not what I want here!


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