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openHAB HABpanel configuration gets destroyed, HABpanel stays blank

openHAB is a stream of pure joy when it comes to debugging. Especially when all I want is a small display in the kitchen, working autonomous and without the need to restart it all the time or login to fix issues.

The latest installment of that endeavor was a black screen in the browser, with no way to even get to the usual HABpanel controls. After some debugging, it turns out that the file "habpanel.config" (/var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/habpanel.config) on the openHAB server was destroyed, or more accurate: shortened to 4829 bytes. Lucky me I have this file in my Ansible playbooks, and whenever there is a change, a copy of this file is fetched to my Ansible host. From there it goes into my backups, and I can restore a couple dozen versions back, if needed. So not all is bad, but still something is not working as expected. First I installed a copy of this file from my backups - but turns out shortly later the file is shortened again. Later I figured that the file is always shortened when the openHAB service restarts. This particular instance was still running openHAB 2.4, and I used this opportunity to upgrade to 2.5, test my Playbooks (and exclude the one config file from everything) and see if the problem persists. It does. Except that after upgrading to 2.5 the file is no longer shortened to 4829 bytes, but to 4875 bytes.

Every time that happens, the file ends somewhere in the middle of the HABpanel panel configuration - and naturally the HABpanel service can no longer read that file and shows a blank screen. I would wish that it rather shows an error message, or does something useful here, but oh well.

For a while (and mostly because I was busy with other tasks) I helped myself by changing the owner of "habpanel.config" and the directory this files lives in to "root:root". This threw a couple other errors into the logfile, but helped somewhat because the config file got no longer destroyed when the service restarted.


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