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openhab2: check if alive

As mentioned in my previous openHAB blog post: it seems to be too much to ask to have a reliable and working display in the kitchen.

Another problem I found is that the weather data occasionally does not update. Everything seems to work, no errors in the log, just no updated data. Of course this results in outdated weather info in the kitchen, and the threat that "someone" will buy a regular weather station and render my 7" Raspberry display useless.

After fighting with logs and debugging and not finding any real clue, I decided to tackle this problem from another angle, and regularly check if the weather data is up to date.


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Ansible, delegate_to and set_fact

Another Ansible upgrade, another Playbook failing.

I have a number Playbooks which run on virtual machines. Some tasks are "outsourced" to the physical machine where the VM is running on, using "delegate_to". One of the tasks (which I haven't used in a while, because I rarely touch this machine) stopped working, and instead throws a "variable undefined" error. But from the beginning, here is the VM Playbook:

- block:
  - include: server-part.yml
  delegate_to: "{{ ansible_host }}"
  delegate_facts: True

That's the short form of it, and the $ansible_host variable holds the physical server address. That part is working. In "server-part.yml" I have the following:

# re-do the gather_facts task for the host
- action: setup

- name: Determine network interface name
    main_interface: "{{ item }}"
    "{{ hostvars[physicalhost]['ansible_interfaces'] }}"
  when: item is match("^e[tn]")
  changed_when: false

- name: Verify interface name is set
    msg: "Could not determine network interface name!"
  when: main_interface is not defined

The only physical network interface in this server is "eth0", that's still the case. There are a couple reasons why I still scan the list of interfaces, instead of just depending on "eth0". The main reason however is that this part also works with the enumeration systemd is doing with network interfaces (they have "en" names, instead of "eth"). But suddenly $main_interface in the next step is no longer defined.

Digging deeper (aka: -vvvv) it shows that Ansible is setting the correct interface name in the "set_fact" task, but then the variable is no longer defined immediately after that. What? I'm not sure I had to use this Playbook since my host was upgraded to Ansible 2.8.3, but I couldn't find any issues matching this problem either.


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