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Search objects based on a specific criteria (Key:name:etymology) in JOSM

This posting is mainly a reference for myself, because I was looking for this specific issue a couple times.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a map of the world, created by anyone who wants to contribute. It so happens that data might be missing (just go and add it, if you see that something is not on the map). It also happens that someone adds too much data.

In my case someone added "Wikidata" entries to each and every footpath.The OSM folks in Berlin made a great effort to find the etymology of names, and add them to Wikidata. And then link the street names to the Wikidata entries. That's nice and very useful, but it's enough to do that for streets. Not for every path, including the underground parking.

I raised this in the Berlin Telegram channel, and we agreed that it's best to keep the etymology tags to the main streets. Now I had to find all the entries which were tagged with a Wikidata entry, and update most of them.


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