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Advent of Code 2020: "Custom Customs" - Day 6

The flight is approaching a regional airport, but you still have to fill out a customs form. Since you are good with hacking things together, you walk around the plane and gather all the answers from all groups on the plane. There are 26 yes-or-no questions, marked from a to z.

Task 1: Count how many questions are answeres "yes" in each group. Multiple "yes" answers for the same question do not count. The data is provided as blocks, kind of like two days before from the passport scanners. I can re-use some of the code - which will turn out to be a major headache!

Task 2: Of course someone wrote the wrong instructions down! It's up to you to fix the mess now. You have to find out how many groups have the same question answered by anyone in the group.


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