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Advent of Code 2020: "Handy Haversacks" - Day 7

They really trust you a lot ... Now all flights are delayed, that's quite usual in advent times. Except it's 2020 and no one is traveling anyway. But they also impose more regulations, and now bags need to have colours, and bags need to go into other bags. And someone has to figure it out. That's right, it's you! I hope the stopover is long enough to at least grab some ice cream!

Task 1: There is a huge list of rules which colores bag can hold how many other colored bags. You have a "shiny golden" bag, but apparently you are not allowed to carry it around, it has to go into another bag. Find out which ones are allowed, and how many of them. Oh, and bags can go into bags, which means: recursion.

Task 2: As usual someone made a mistake. You are, after all, allowed to carry your "shiny golden" bag, but now you also have to have other bags in it. Calculate the possibilities, based on the rules. Yes, recursion again, and tree climbing.

And if your head is swirling: so is mine. Why on North Pole Earth does anyone even remotely care about your shiny golden bag?


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