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Advent of Code 2020: "Handheld Halting" - Day 8

You fixed the colours of the bags yesterday and security allowed you to leave the baggage section and go get your ice cream before you board your next flight. On the flight the kid next to you recognizes you as the great hacker you are, and asks you to fix a problem with the handheld game console. Go and hack the bootloader while no documentation is available because the mobile internet is off. Turns out someone coded an infinite loop into the bootloader, and missed that fact during testing. What testing, do you ask? Well, let's not jump too deep into details, you have to hack a bootloader and make a kid happy. It's Christmas soon, after all! And your cocktail is waiting!

Task 1: The assembler instructions are easy to read, to make the kid happy you just have to figure out the state of the accumulator before the bootloader repeats its set of instructions into another great infinite loop. Not sure how that fixes the problem, but ok.

Task 2: The instruction list is corrupt. But not in the way you think. The code is supposed to produce a buffer overrun, jump outside of the instruction list and stop. Modern operating systems would prevent this and abort the program, here that is "normal termination". Change exactly one "jmp" into a "nop" or vice versa, but do not change the operand. Whichever change aborts the program by jumping outside the code - the accumulator state is what we are looking for. Hopefully the number is high enough to pay for all the cocktails!


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