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PostgreSQL 95

Someone at FOSDEM 2023 asked the question: "What happens when PostgreSQL rolls over the version number to 95? Will this cause problems like back then in Windows?"

What does that even mean? When Microsoft released the version after Windows 98, they opted for naming it Windows 10, not Windows 9. Because apparently a lot of code out there checks if the string starts with "Windows 9" and then assumes that the OS is one of the very old ones. This might not be the only such problem, as another blog article by Microsoft shows. Apparently they used "3.95" for the Windows 95 internal version, because lazy programmers.

You may also remember that there is already a "Postgres95", released around 1994 (shortly before Windows 95 was released). This was before the name was "PostgreSQL", and this is the first version which had SQL support. Before that, QUEL was the query language.

Enough history. And even though the release of PostgreSQL 95 is still a few years out, this raises two questions:

  1. Does today's source code work (aka: compile, and pass tests) with version number 95?
  2. Does your application work against version PostgreSQL 95?


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