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PHP does not need Transactions

Just stumbled about a curiosity: there are 82 functions in the current PostgreSQL part of PHP. Functions like pg_select(), which takes from you the burden of writing a "SELECT ... FROM tablename" or pg_delete(), pg_insert() and pg_update() which all does, what do you expect: select, delete, insert or update and make the error checking. There are even 7 different functions for getting your results back into PHP.

But there is no function for starting, committing or rolling back a transaction. It seems, the message about the usefulness of transaction has yet not reached the PHP developers. Not that i'm surprised, the standard PHP/MySQL user seems to have no need for transactions ...


ads' corner on : Rasmus Lerdorf is praising PHP ...

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Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, tells us (here), that the web is broken and "we" had damaged it. But there would be PHP, which can fix all the issues. Ok, let's see, what Rasmus has to tell us."You don't know that you have to filter Comments ()


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