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Binding external programs on keybord shortcuts in KDE

It's not entirely clear, how to bind in KDE an external program without KDE support on a keyboard shortcut, the "System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts" has no such option.

You have to start "kcontrol", go to "Regional & Accessibility" and choose "Input Actions". There you can create a new entry with "New Action". For the "Action type" field you have to select "Keyboard shortcut -> Command/URL (simple)". The second tab now let's you select the keyboard sequence, in the third tab you can enter the commandline program with options. Don't forget to apply the changes!



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Tim on :

Hello, I installed Opensuse 11.0 with KDE4. Do you know how to bind applications to shortcuts there? Regional & Accessibility is empty :(
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Andreas Scherbaum on :

I'm sorry, i still use KDE 3 on all my systems, so i can't answer your question (right now). Andreas
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