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iTunes is annoying

Earlier this month Apple released an update for the iPod touch. In detail it seemed that this update consists of two updates: one which brings all the bugfixes and one which brings the new software (mail, google maps ect.) stuff. At least the iTunes software installed one update without asking for my credic card and is bugging me really hard to buy the other one.

So everytime i start iTunes and connect the iPod, the iTunes software contacts the shop and looks for new updates. Not only that this step takes some minutes (i blogged about the slowness before), my decision "Remind me later" only works until i restart iTunes the next time. Then the update question is presented again to me. What if i don't want this update? What if i don't read my mails on the iPod? What if i don't need Google Maps on my iPod? What if i don't care about my stock options because i don't trade at all? What if i just want to hear musik and watch some news videos?

Where is the "No, thank you" option?

Update (2008-01-23): i just synced my iPod and now there is a "No, thank you" option. Earlier the annoying update page only had 2 options, now 3.

Will Apple fix more problems if i post them here?

Update 2 (2008-01-25): it seems, the "No, thank you" option only works until the next iTunes restart. Every time i click this button i get an error message that some obscure error on the store has occured (maybe because i don't have an account?) and the "buy the update" option appears again. Annoying ...

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