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iPod Touch and stupid sound effects

The iPod Touch is not only a mp3 player, you also have a calendar, adressbook and some more stuff onboard. The latest update even added some more "hot" features, but i don't need them. Yesterday i used the iPod calendar for a note to myself, added an alarm and thought, the toy will remind me in the evening (at the alarm time). Sure, it did ...

In the settings you can configure, where you want to hear system sounds, the usual acknowledge click as example which appears almost everywhere. Since i don't like to disturb my environment i configured the system sound to only use the earplugs. Now Apple surprised me (or not, maybe "i should have expected") by also using this setting for the alarm clock. So my reminder was visible on the display for some seconds and the sound was played at the earplugs ... very effective!

At least an extra setting for the alarm should be available. The current behaviour is just plain stupid: either you nerve the people around you with all the system sounds or you don't get the alarm.


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