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What is the difference between OpenBSD and OpenSuSE?

The OpenBSD folks at Linuxdays Chemnitz (Chemnitzer Linuxtage, Germany) could not answer this question ;-) But i cannot understand, why one of the guys jumped up, run around the booth and tried to strangle me *uff*.

Beside this small ahem incident, we had a very funny and successful weekend. Many ppl visited our booth and asked interesting questions (and only a handful was about "what's the difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL"). The booth staff was Andreas Kretschmer, Bernd Helmle, Peter Eisentraut, Hans-Jürgen Schönig and myself. Hans-Jürgen also gave a talk about "Scalable PostgreSQL" and a workshop.

I visited some interesting talks and had a nice chat with the people from the BSD certification program. At the social evening the BSD guys and i started talking about FOSDEM next year. After the very successful event this year, there is also some space for improvements in 2009.

All in all a very good event, one of the best in Germany and we plan to attend again next year.


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Nat on :

OpenSuSE is a Linux/GNU operating system with proprietary bits tossed in the mix, OpenBSD is OpenBSD. The differences in functionality should be obvious to anyone, from Yast and the various GNOMEy bits, like Evolution and so forth on SuSE's side, to OpenBSD's pkg_add, package-centric configuration and console based control the systems just run different. Because SuSE uses GNU userland components, it's actually quite poorly documented in contrast to OpenBSD, but because it uses Linux for it's kernel, it's also quite a bit better at using the resources of it's machines. OpenBSD has a crapload more security measures in it and running by default, while OpenSuSE can get some of them, it doesn't do them by default. The community, or feel, of the systems are quite different. OpenBSD has a more, sink or swim attitude, while OpenSuSE tends to feel more like it's trying to baby some of the users. OpenBSD's system tends to be more cohesive than OpenSuSE, because the userland is more tightly bound to the kernel. And I can use anything in it's system simply by reading the man pages, I cannot do so with SuSE.
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Nat on :

No such thing as sarcasm on the Internet, and it is sarcasm you mean, not irony. The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention, now that, is irony.
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double-p on :

i was the guy jumping at ads.. for a reason.. :-DD of course it was fun, and of course it wasnt serious - as mysql isnt serious :)
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Joshua Drake on :

OpenSUSE keeps up to date on drivers? Features? Community Advocacy? Should be retired and switched to Ubuntu?
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Peter Manchev on :

In the same lines, what is the difference with FreeBSD? I am using FreeBSD (as client of ASP), but I cannot say what is the differense between OpenBSD and FreeBSD.
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