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create language if not exist

In a customer project i have to setup a database from a Makefile. Part of my problem: on windows the installer may or may not install "plpgsql" into template1 so in consequence this language would be activated in every new database. But that's not predictable. This problem can appear on different Linux/Unix distributions too.

In contrary to some other opinions in #postgresql i dislike filtering error messages and i prefer clean solutions.

So CREATE LANGUAGE will spit an error message, if the language is already activated. A "IF NOT EXIST" option is not available. I need a workaround:

----- code -----

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.create_plpgsql_language ()
        AS $$
            CREATE LANGUAGE plpgsql;
            SELECT 'language plpgsql created'::TEXT;

              (SELECT true::BOOLEAN
                 FROM pg_language
                WHERE lanname='plpgsql')
              (SELECT 'language already installed'::TEXT)
              (SELECT public.create_plpgsql_language())

DROP FUNCTION public.create_plpgsql_language ();

----- code -----

First i create a helper function which actually will install the language, if called. This step is needed because i cannot put the CREATE LANGUAGE statement into the CASE clause. The next statement looks into pg_languages if "plpgsql" is already installed - if yes, just a message is returned - if no, the previously created function is called. Last but not least the function is dropped, it's not needed anymore.

I can execute this code from my Makefile and expect to get no error message even if the language already exist.

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Bernd Helmle on :

Maybe you've already tried this, but why not simply catching the error within an plpgsql EXCEPTION handler? You don't need to play with the CASE...WHEN statement then.
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Andreas Scherbaum on :

Bernd: i'm just trying to install the plpgsql language - no way that i can use a plpgsql function if the language is not yet installed ;-)
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Bernd Helmle on :

Aaargh, too early in the morning...need some coffee....forgive my foolness....where's the coffee ???
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Magnus on :

So when will we see patch from you implementing an actual IF EXISTS clause in the database for CREATE LANGUAGE? ;-)
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Andreas Scherbaum on :

Would be a nice idea, yes. Question is: why did nobody implement this back at the time all the DROP ... IF EXISTS extensions was added?
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Andreas Scherbaum on :

I did it! Now let's see, if the patch get's accepted ;-)
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Serge on :

Thank you very much
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