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Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 11. Mai 2008

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== Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 11. Mai 2008 ==

== PostgreSQL Produkt Neuigkeiten ==

DBD::Pg 2.7.1 erschienen.

OpenX 2.5.67-beta erschienen, jetzt mit PostgreSQL Support.

pgsnap 0.3.1 erschienen.

pg_top 3.6.2 erschienen.

psqlODBC 08.03.0200 erschienen.

PostgreSQL Data Wizard 8.4 erschienen.

== PostgreSQL Jobs im Mai ==

== PostgreSQL Lokal ==

BWPUG wird ihr erstes Treffen überhaupt am Mittwoch, dem 14. Mai im
OmniTI Hauptquartier in Columbia, MD, abhalten.

PGCon 2008 wird vom 20. bis 23. Mai in Ottawa sein.

Die griechische PUG wird einen Stand auf der dritten Griechischen FLOSS
Konferenz vom 27.-29. Mai in Athen, NTUA, haben.

LAPUG trifft sich am 30. Mai 2008 im Cal Poly.
Non-trivial updateable views, von Keith Larson.

PGDay wird in Portland am Tag vor der OSCON stattfinden.

Der Call for Papers für die Utah Open Source Konferenz 2008 ist bis zum
1. Juni offen. Diese 2. jährliche Konferenz wird vom 28. bis 30. August
2008 in Salt Lake City, UT stattfinden.

== PostgreSQL in den News ==

Planet PostgreSQL:

General Bits, Archive und gelegentliche News Artikel:

Dieser wöchentliche PostgreSQL Newsletter wurde erstellt von David

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== Angewandte Patches ==

Bruce Momjian committed:

- Mark TODO as done: "Improve display of enums to show valid enum

- Mark TODO as done: "Add function to report the time of the most
recent server reload."

- Update libpqxx URL in README.

- Point to our download URL, rather than listing interface in the
README file:

- In pgsql/src/bin/psql/variables.c, have boolean pset values checked
against typical boolean values, rather than only 'off'.

- In TODO, add item, make text search section: "Consider changing
error to warning for strings larger than one megabyte."

- Update TODO to read: "Allow dictionaries to change the token that is
passed on to later dictionaries."

- Add URL for TODO: "Consider increasing the number of default
statistics target, and reduce statistics target overhead."

- Fixed TODO typo.

- In pgsql/doc/src/sgml/postgres.sgml, move Client Authentication
right after Server Configuration in docs. Scott Marlowe

- In pgsql/doc/src/sgml/ref/psql-ref.sgml, remove OID/foreign key
mention in psql variable interpolation docs.

- Add to TODO: "Add database and transaction-level triggers."

- Add to TODO: "Add CREATE SCHEMA ... LIKE that copies a schema."

- Update TODO wording to read: "Improve detection of shared memory
segments being used by others by checking the SysV shared memory
field 'nattch'"

- Have psql output tab as the proper number of spaces, rather than

- In pgsql/src/backend/utils/adt/numeric.c, have numeric 0 ^ 4.3
return 1, rather than an error, and have 0 ^ 0.0 return 1, rather
than error. This was already the float8 behavior.

- Add psql '\pset format wrapped' mode to wrap output to screen width,
or file/pipe output too if \pset columns' is set. Bryce Nesbitt

- Add regression test for various power expressions with a zero base,
and adjust source code to be more modular.

- Add to TODO: "Improve the /contrib installation experience."

- Update C comments to mention SQL:2003 handling of power return

- Adjust power() error messages to be more descriptive.

- Mark TODO as done: "Prevent parent tables from altering or dropping
constraints. Prevent child tables from altering or dropping

- Add to TODO: "Clear table counters on TRUNCATE."

- Update alternative output regression files for new float8 test of

- Add URL for TODO: "Add column to pg_stat_activity that shows the
progress of long-running commands like CREATE INDEX and VACUUM."

- Add to TODO: "Allow an existing index to be marked as a table's
primary key."

- Add URL for TODO: "Allow an existing index to be marked as a table's
primary key."

Magnus Hagander committed:

- In pgsql/src/interfaces/libpq/win32.mak, add more dependencies from
libpgport required by standalone msvc build of libpq. Hiroshi Saito.

- Make the pg_stat_activity view call a SRF (pg_stat_get_activity())
instead of calling a bunch of individual functions. This function
can also be called directly, taking a PID as an argument, to return
only the data for a single PID.

- Make the new pg_stat_get_activity use OUT parameters, so you don't
have to specify the column names and types. Also simplifies the
view. Per comments from Tom Lane.

Tom Lane committed:

- In pgsql/src/include/utils/syscache.h, convert the list of syscache
names from a series of #define's into an enum, to avoid the pain of
manually renumbering them anytime we insert another name in
alphabetical order. An excellent idea from Alex Hunsaker and
NikhilS' inherited-constraints patch --- whether or not the rest of
that gets in, this should. Dunno why we never thought of it before.

- In pgsql/src/backend/utils/cache/syscache.c, the CONSTROID syscache
should show conrelid as a relation OID column. Not clear that
there's any observable bug at present from this omission, but it
seems like something to fix going forward.

- Fix rules regression test for recent pg_stat_activity change.

- Fix contrib/xml2 makefile to not override CFLAGS, and in passing
make it auto-configure properly for libxslt present or not.

- Fix memory stomp that's turning the whole buildfarm pink: you can't
hack up pg_wcsformat without changing pg_wcssize to match. Add some
comments to try to make that clearer, and make a couple other minor

- Fix bogus expected output that should have made it quite clear that
something was wrong with that tab patch.

- In pgsql/contrib/pgbench/pgbench.c, give a warning if -s switch is
used with a non-custom pgbench test. Also, clean up the code that
assigned the scale into :scale variables. Greg Smith and Tom Lane

- Fix an ancient oversight in change_varattnos_of_a_node: it neglected
to update varoattno along with varattno. This resulted in having
Vars that were not seen as equal(), causing inheritance of the
"same" constraint from different parent relations to fail. An
example is:
create table pp1 (f1 int check (f1>0));
create table cc1 (f2 text, f3 int) inherits (pp1);
create table cc2(f4 float) inherits(pp1,cc1);
Backpatch as far as 7.4. (The test case still fails in 7.4, for
reasons that I don't feel like investigating at the moment.) This is
a backpatch commit only. The fix will be applied in HEAD as part of
the upcoming pg_constraint patch.

- Change the rules for inherited CHECK constraints to be essentially
the same as those for inherited columns; that is, it's no longer
allowed for a child table to not have a check constraint matching
one that exists on a parent. This satisfies the principle of least
surprise (rows selected from the parent will always appear to meet
its check constraints) and eliminates some longstanding bogosity in
pg_dump, which formerly had to guess about whether check constraints
were really inherited or not. The implementation involves adding
conislocal and coninhcount columns to pg_constraint (paralleling
attislocal and attinhcount in pg_attribute) and refactoring various
ALTER TABLE actions to be more like those for columns. Alex
Hunsaker, Nikhil Sontakke, Tom Lane

- In pgsql/src/bin/psql/print.c, restore psql's former behavior that
padding spaces to the right of the last output column are not
emitted. (That change already caused more noise in the regression
test output files than I would like.) Provide some needed editorial
help for comments, clean up code formatting.

Alvaro Herrera committed:

- In pgsql/doc/src/sgml/pgstandby.sgml, add Simon Riggs' email

Heikki Linnakangas committed:

- Fix incorrect archive truncation point calculation in the %r
recovery_command parameter. This fixes bug 4137 reported by Wojciech
Strzalka, where a WAL file is deleted too early when starting the
recovery of a warm standby server. Also add a sanity check in
pg_standby so that it will refuse to delete anything earlier than
the file being restored, and improve the debug message in case
nothing is deleted. Simon Riggs. Backpatch to 8.3, which is where
%r was introduced.

- In pgsql/src/backend/access/transam/xlog.c, fix Assert introduced in
previous patch.

Peter Eisentraut committed:

- Add "%option noinput" to the scanners to avoid compiler warnings.
GCC 4.3 began to realize that the input() function isn't used and
printed warnings.

Andrew Dunstan committed:

- In pgsql/src/tools/msvc/, improve logic for finding
object files on OBJS lines in contrib Makefiles. If this unbreaks
buildfarm mastodon, apply everywhere.

- In pgsql/src/tools/msvc/, remaining pieces of fix for
contrib makefiles.

- In pgsql/src/tools/msvc/, backpatch fixes for contrib

== Abgelehnte Patches (bis jetzt) ==

No one was disappointed this week :)

== Eingesandte Patches ==

Pavel Stehule sent in another revision of his patch to add CASE to

Alex Hunsaker sent in two more revisions of his patch for fixing the
problems with identifying constraints which should be inherited.

Heikki Linnakangas sent in another revision of his WIP Map Forks

Simon Riggs sent in a patch which adds --schema-pre-load and
--schema-post-load options both to pg_dump and pg_restore.

Magnus Hagander sent in a patch which adds some error checking to the
thread locking parts in libpq.

Bruce Momjian sent in two revisions of a patch to do something more
sane with tabs in psql output.

Pavel Stehule sent in another revision of his patch to add options to
PL/PgSQL's RAISE statement.

Brendan Jurd sent in another revision of his printTable API.

Bernd Helmle sent in another revision (via git) of his updateable
views patch.

Peter Eisentraut sent in a patch to fix flex warnings from GCC 4.3.

Jan Urbanski sent in a patch as infrastructure for his Summer of Code
project which changes the assumption that update_attstats() constructs
an array whose elements are of the same type as the corresponding

Alvaro Herrera sent in another revision of his snapshot management

Hans-Juergen Schoenig sent in a patch intended to fix a performance
issue in concurrent scans.

David Gould sent in a patch to add a lock timeout option to pg_dump.


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