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Thunderbird, Enigmail and sending encrypted mails as attachment

By default, the OpenPGP extension in Thunderbird (Enigmail) sends every encrypted mail as inline text, not as an attachment. Mutt as example does not recognize the encrypted mail but just displays the unreadable binary stuff.

This are the steps to send well-formatted encrypted mails with Thunderbird:

  • Menu Extras, Accounts
  • OpenPGP-Security
  • Make sure, the PGP/MIME checkbox is set

That's all. Now Thunderbird should send every encrypted text/attachment as a mime-attachment which can be recognized by other mail programs.


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pdmef on :

Uh, does mutt really display binary stuff or do you mean traditional inline PGP? For the latter, mutt has the check-traditional-pgp function bound to ESC+P by default. That should do the trick.
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Andreas Scherbaum on :

It does the trick, but it is nasty and having the signed part as an attachment is the standard anyway. So why enforcing old behavior if Enigmail allows using the standard?
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markus on :

this is not partional right. The encrypted mails are not readable with evolution and ist not a problem of evolution but by enigmail. bad stuff.
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