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Remove entries from "Run command" history in KDE

Sometimes i use the "Run command" functionality in KDE (Alt+F2) to start a program - that's faster than clicking all the way through the menu until i found the entry and given the fact that the dialog is saving a history i usually only type one or two characters and have the full command line available. But the command history grows by and by - and sometimes i want to remove old and no longer used entries (like gaim which is pidgin now). That's not possible *ouch* at least not in the "Run command" dialog or in the preferences. The Mozilla/Firefox-way (shift+del) also does not work.

Time to descend into the personal .kde directory and dig in some config files ...

The file in question is: ~/.kde/share/config/kdesktoprc and if you open the file in your favoured editor you can see (among others) a section named "MiniCli". Remove the no longer needed items from CompletionItems and History and save the file - but take care that KDE is not changing the file in the meantime. My own background changer (which set's a new background every minute) is such a candicate - so KDE is updating this file and your saving would overwrite the file.

The changes take effect after the next login.


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Stefano on :

Thank you very much!! I was looking for such history since some days but was looking in the wrong place!!
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Amish on :

You dont need to relogin, simply: kill make changes to the config file rerun krunner
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Amish on :

kill krunner
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Techdude101 on :

On my system the file is: $HOME/.kde/share/config/krunnerrc /home//.kde/share/config/krunnerrc Kubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
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Arkane on :

Same file for me with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.0 (KDE 4.10.5) -- killing krunner and launching it again worked fine, no need to log out.
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