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Play podcasts one after another - impossible in iPod

With my iPod i'm subscribed to some more podcasts - but i only fetch new podcasts from time to time because i don't use the iPod every day. That's not a problem because i don't have any podcast with news in my list. As a result (after an update) i have several entries from one podcast source in my list. The iPod arranges all of this entries (from one podcast) on a single page. As example the jokes from a local radio station:

  • from 2008-07-07
  • from 2008-07-04
  • from 2008-07-03

Now believe it or not, it's not possible to tell the iPod: "i want to hear all new entries from this podcast, in reverse order, oldest first". It's not even possible to just play all entries in a row. If you have finished one podcast you have to click on the next one. <sarcasm>That's user-friendly!</sarcasm>

For anyone who want's to tell me about playlists: no, thank you. I don't want to create a dozen playlists in advance in iTunes - one for each podcast. If i have the time and if i feel like i want to listen to a single podcast i just want to listen to all new entries from this one podcast. I surely don't want to plan that several days in advance. This should be possible - even with Apple software.


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Maria on :

There is a solution: Navigate to the iPod’s Podcasts screen (the screen that lists all your podcasts rather than an individual podcast’s screen), select the podcast you’d like to listen to (again, something like the Macworld Podcast rather than an individual episode), and press the iPod’s Play button. The iPod will play the oldest episode first, then the next oldest, and on and on until it eventually plays the most recent episode. I've found it here:
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Andreas Scherbaum on :

Unfortunately my iPod touch does not have a play button at all. Only the touchscreen and there is no "play" icon.
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