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Already in Prato

Yesterday Magnus and i met on Frankfurt/Main airport and flew together to Florence. People, don't try to find this ominous CAP bus station on the highway! Just take the ATAF bus heading to Florence station, the stop is right outside the airport near all the white cabs. You can't miss it. The bus driver sells you a ticket for 4,50€ to Santa Maria Novella. On the station you need another ticket, it cost 1,80€ but the ticket machine knows about english. You have to look for a train heading to "Lucca".

In Prato we first decided to get some food and found a nice restaurant. On the way back we got lost in the city and several minutes later found the Prato Linux User Group. From there the way back to the hotel is easy - and the porter told us Gabriele was just here and he will join us at the PLUG house later. Ok, back to where we came from ;-)

We really met Gabriele and he leaved short after to pick up Dave and Greg on the airport. After they checked in we decided to get a last beer, walked into the city and found a nice pub, One beer later we called it a day and on the way back to the hotel - we got lost again ;-) Don't try Google Maps on your iPhone in a city, it's not really helpful. And bring money, according to Greg most ATM aren't working in Prato and he tried several cash machines *g*


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Magnus and i arrived early in Prato. Later on wednesday in the night Dave and Greg joined us. So on thursday we had time to help preparing PGday.Oh, and i heard, in the evening the group got lost again in Prato - the third time for some of them ;-) Any Comments ()


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