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Party in the evening

Friday in the evening we had a party which was sponsored by EnterpriseDB. Thank's a lot!

Today in the closing note Gabriele told us that we drank only half of the free beer and we had to continue the party after PGDay was officially closed.

I cannot believe that we even left a bottle of the beer - given the fact that at least two people was running around with very big glasses:

Stefan Kaltenbrunner could not decide between a small glass vine and a biiig pitcher with beer:

Dave Page even got two cans with beer:


So how the hell did we only drank half of the beer? ;-)


ads' corner on : - second day

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Continuing our two-day event "PGDay" we have seen more interesting talks and devroom sessions on the second day. The day started with David Fetters running into the room on time and talking about "Trees and More in SQL". The next ti Comments ()

ads' corner on : A sunday in Tuscany

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As requested here are the pictures from sunday after PGDay. The italians decided that we will have lunch in a good restaurant outside of Prato. At 11 am Gabriele joined the hungry crowd in the hotel, 10 italian minutes later we also had enough car sp Comments ()


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