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Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 03. Mai 2009

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== Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 03. Mai 2009 ==

OpenStreetMap wechselt zu PostgreSQL:

== PostgreSQL Produkt Neuigkeiten ==

autodoc 1.40, ein automatisches Dokumentationssystem für PostgreSQL,
ist erschienen.

== PostgreSQL 8.4 Feature der Woche ==

Neue Hash Indexes. Als Teil des Google Summer of Code wurden die Hash
Indexes überarbeitet, so das diese nun bei Lookups für einzelne Zeilen
schneller funktionieren als ein B-Tree Index. Die neuen Indexes sind
allerdings noch nicht Recovery-safe und müssen ggf. erneut REINDEXed
werden nach einem Systemabsturz.

== PostgreSQL Tipp der Woche ==

Das "ltree" Contrib-Modul implementiert indizierte Trees und kann
hilfreich sein, wenn z. B. ein Dateisystem oder eine ähnliche Hirarchie
in der Datenbank abgebildet werden soll.

== PostgreSQL Jobs im Mai ==

== PostgreSQL Lokal ==

PgDay Florianopolis wird am 22. Mai stattfinden. Kontaktiere Dickson S.
Guedes (guedes AT guedesoft DOT net) um teilzunehmen oder einen Vortrag

Die Percona Performance Konferenz wird im Santa Clara Convention Center
in Santa Clara, Kalifornien, USA, stattfinden.

Der CfP für den PgDay in Sao Paulo am 24. April ist eröffnet.
Kontaktiere marins DOT consultoria AT gmail DOT com oder marcelojscosta
AT gmail DOT com wenn du teilnehmen möchtest.

PostgreSQL Conference U.S. (JDCon) wird einen PgDay auf dem Linuxfest
Nordwest am 25. und 26. April veranstalten. Der Call for Papers ist

Es werden weiterhin PgDays am 29. April in Porto Velho, RO und am 20.
April in Ji-Parana, RO stattfinden. Kontaktiere Luis Fernando Bueno:
proflfbueno AT gmail DOT com wenn du teilnehmen möchtest.

Michael Renner wird einen Workshop über PostgreSQL Replikation auf
der Netways OSDC 2009 in Nürnbern, Deutschland geben.

PGCon 2009 wird vom 21. bis 22. Mai 2009 in Ottawa an der Universität
von Ottawa stattfinden. Dem gehen zwei Tage mit Tutorials vom 19. bis
20. Mai 2009 voraus.

PgDay Florianopolis wird am 22. Mai stattfinden. Kontaktiere Dickson S.
Guedes (guedes AT guedesoft DOT net) um teilzunehmen oder einen Vortrag

Termin vormerken: pgDay San Jose, am Sonntag dem 19. Juli unmittelbar
vor der OSCON. CfP und mehr Informationen bald.

PGCon Brasilien wird am 23.-24. Oktober 2009 auf dem Unicamp in
Campinas, Sao Paulo, stattfinden.

== PostgreSQL in den News ==

Planet PostgreSQL:

Dieser wöchentliche PostgreSQL Newsletter wurde erstellt von David
Fetter und Josh Berkus.

Sende Neuigkeiten und Ankündigungen bis Sonntag, 15 Uhr Pazifischer
Zeit. Bitte sende englische Beiträge an, deutsche an, italienische an

== Angewandte Patches ==

Bruce Momjian committed:

- Proofreading adjustments for first two parts of documentation
  (Tutorial and SQL).

- In pgsql/src/bin/scripts/vacuumdb.c, in VACUUM, FREEZE must be
  before ANALYZE;  fix this in vacuumdb.  Docs are already correct.

- Blank line Makefile cleanups.

Heikki Linnakangas committed:

- In pgsql/src/backend/parser/gram.y, move SERVER to the right place
  in the alphabetically sorted keyword list.

- Add pgsql/src/tools/ script to perform some basic
  sanity checks to the keyword lists in gram.y and kwlist.h.  It
  checks that all lists are in alphabetical order, and that all
  keywords present in gram.y are listed in kwlist.h in the right
  category, and that all keywords in kwlist.h are also in gram.y.
  What's still missing is to check that all keywords defined with
  "%token <keyword>" in gram.y are present in one of the keyword lists
  in gram.y.

- In pgsql/src/tools/, clean up
  script, making it 'strict' and removing a few leftover unused
  variables.  Laurent Laborde.

Tom Lane committed:

- Improve pull_up_subqueries logic so that it doesn't insert
  unnecessary PlaceHolderVar nodes in join quals appearing in or below
  the lowest outer join that could null the subquery being pulled up.
  This improves the planner's ability to recognize constant join
  quals, and probably helps with detection of common sort keys
  (equivalence classes) as well.

- In pgsql/src/backend/utils/adt/datetime.c, when checking for
  datetime field overflow, we should allow a fractional-second part
  that rounds up to exactly 1.0 second.  The previous coding rejected
  input like "00:12:57.9999999999999999999999999999", with the exact
  number of nines needed to cause failure varying depending on
  float-timestamp option and possibly on platform.  Obviously this
  should round up to the next integral second, if we don't have enough
  precision to distinguish the value from that.  Per bug #4789 from
  Robert Kruus.  In passing, fix a missed check for fractional seconds
  in one copy of the "is it greater than 24:00:00" code.  Broken all
  the way back, so patch all the way back.

- In pgsql/src/pl/plpgsql/src/gram.y, fix a couple of cases where the
  plpgsql grammar looked for T_WORD and failed to consider the
  possibility that it would get T_SCALAR, T_RECORD, or T_ROW instead
  because the word happens to match a plpgsql variable name.  In
  particular, give "duplicate declaration" rather than generic "syntax
  error" if the same identifier is declared twice in the same block,
  as per my recent complaint.  Also behave more sanely when
  decl_aliasitem or proc_condition or opt_lblname is coincidentally
  not T_WORD.  Refactor the related productions a bit to reduce
  duplication.  This is a longstanding bug, but it doesn't seem
  critical enough to back-patch.

- Fix plpgsql's EXIT so that an EXIT without a label only matches a
  loop, never a BEGIN block.  This is required for Oracle
  compatibility and is also plainly stated to be the behavior by our
  original documentation (up until 8.1, in which the docs were
  adjusted to match the code's behavior; but actually the old docs
  said the correct thing and the code was wrong).  Not back-patched
  because this introduces an incompatibility that could break working
  applications.  Requires release note.

- Split the release notes into a separate file for each (active) major
  branch, as per my recent proposal.  release.sgml itself is now just
  a stub that should change rarely; ideally, only once per major
  release to add a new include line.  Most editing work will occur in
  the release-N.N.sgml files.  To update a back branch for a minor
  release, just copy the appropriate release-N.N.sgml file(s) into the
  back branch.  This commit doesn't change the end-product
  documentation at all, only the source layout.  However, it makes it
  easy to start omitting ancient information from newer branches'
  documentation, should we ever decide to do that.

- We don't need major_release_split any more.

- Install some simple defenses in postmaster startup to help ensure a
  useful error message if the installation directory layout is messed
  up (or at least, something more useful than the behavior exhibited
  in bug #4787).  During postmaster startup, check that
  get_pkglib_path resolves as a readable directory; and if
  ParseTzFile() fails to open the expected timezone abbreviation file,
  check the possibility that the directory is missing rather than just
  the specified file.  In case of either failure, issue a hint
  suggesting that the installation is broken.  These two checks cover
  the lib/ and share/ trees of a full installation, which should take
  care of most scenarios where a sysadmin decides to get cute.

- In pgsql/src/interfaces/libpq/fe-secure.c, fix already-obsolete hint
  message ... sslverify parameter is no more.

- In pgsql/src/backend/utils/misc/guc.c, fix
  assign_pgstat_temp_directory() to ensure the directory path is
  canonicalized.  Avoid the need to elog(FATAL) on out-of-memory.

- Fix unintelligible description created by removing only part of a
  parenthetical remark.

- In pgsql/doc/src/sgml/func.sgml, fix mis-description of XML Schema
  functions, per discussion.

- In pgsql/src/bin/pg_resetxlog/pg_resetxlog.c, fix pg_resetxlog to
  remove archive status files along with WAL segment files.  Fujii

- In pgsql/src/backend/postmaster/postmaster.c, fix missed usage of

Tatsuo Ishii committed:

- pdate UTF-8 <--> EUC_KR, JOHAB, UHC mappings.  Patch contributed by
  Chuck McDevitt.

Alvaro Herrera committed:

- In pgsql/src/backend/postmaster/postmaster.c, avoid a memory
  allocation in the backend startup code, to avoid having to check
  whether it failed.  Modelled after catcache.c's usage of DlList, per
  suggestion from Tom Lane.

== Abgelehnte Patches (bis jetzt) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Eingesandte Patches ==

Alvaro Herrera sent in a doc patch for autovacuum about when ANALYZE
is recommended.

Robert Haas sent in another revision of the ALTER COLUMN...SET

Robert Haas sent in a patch to replace a couple of references to files
that no longer exist in the source tree with references to the
appropriate URLs.


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