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There is no spoon^M^M^M^M^Mauto_increment

Got this from a mysqlcheck report:

warning : Found row where the auto_increment column has the value 0

Too pity, this table has no auto_increment field:

mysql> desc unihelp_stats;
| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| url | varchar(126) | | PRI | | |
| count | int(11) | | | 0 | |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Should i repeat myself?


ads' corner on : f* Mysql

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Today i awoke because the nagios used by our isp sent me a sms: something does not work well on one of the association servers. According to the sms, the webserver was not responding. Ok, the webserver is never the cause of the problem, something else is Comments ()

ads' corner on : Primary key in Mysql doubled

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Got a nice problem: a table, which has the following primary key: id, id.You can use or dump this table without problems ... but you cannot reinsert the dump into the same (4.1) or a newer (5.0) mysql version.This is the table dump, created with "S Comments ()


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Stefan Kaltenbrunner on :

unihelp_db_propietary.unihelp_stats ^^^ heisst die Datenbank wirklich so ? :-)
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Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum on :

Ja. Und es ist nicht meine Erfindung, das war vor mir schon, ich wollte es bloss nicht für das Blog anonymisieren.
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