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Travel to Kuwait - where to get a visa?

If you travel to Kuwait, you need a visa to enter the country. Although travel agencies usually offer to handle the visa process, it is far easier to let the hotel handle this. Well, if you are from certain European or American countries.

Contact your hote at least 3 working days (Kuwait is Sunday to Thursday) in advance, send a pdf copy of your passport and ask them to arrange a visa. Don't forget to send them your travel details, at least the flight number and expected arrival time. Most hotels in Kuwait also offer a complimentary pickup service.

The hotel will place the visa about 30 minutes before your arrival at the visa pickup desk. Once you arrive, follow the "exit" signs, down the stairs and on the right side you find the desk. Show your passport, name your hotel and hopefully they find your visa in a huge pile of other papers.

Once you passed the immigration control, you can pick up your luggage and when you leave this area (there might be an additional x-ray for your luggage) you find the hotel pickup service waiting for you.

Enjoy Kuwait!


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