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Greenplum Community Edition - Connections from the host system into the virtual machine

If you download the Greenplum Community Edition (GP CE) from the Greenplum website and if you want to connect tools like pgAdminIII from your host machine to the database inside the virtual machine, you have to disable the firewall. The CE is installed on CentOS and by default the firewall is enabled and blocks connections from outside to most ports.

Here are the steps which are required to disable the firewall:

  1. Open the menu "System", then "Administration", then click on "Security Level and Firewall":
  2. Disable the firewall:
  3. Click on the "SELinux" tab and disable this setting too:
  4. After changing this two settings, click on "OK":
  5. Confirm the warning by clicking on "Yes":

You are now able to connect your applications from outside the virtual machine to the Greenplum database running inside your virtual machine. The TCP port number is 5432, the standard PostgreSQL port. Don't forget to start the database by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

Note: Changing the firewall and SELinux settings partially disables the security for the virtual machine. Don't do this, if you run this virtual machine in an unprotected environment or if you run the virtual machine in production. Contact your network staff instead, ask them how to protect your database.


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