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Geocaching HQ

After figuring out that our vacation will bring us to Seattle, I checked the Geocaching map for potential caches in the area of our hotel. Sure enough, some nice virtual caches and regular caches popped up, but also one named “Geocaching HQ” - wait, what?


So far I wasn’t aware that the HQ was in Seattle, but learned something new that day. The HQ cache also showed opening times for visitors. That’s where we had to change our plans for that day, because they only open one hour in the afternoon, and this greatly overlapped with our other plans. Well then, let’s go there first, find some nice caches and travel bugs, and then go to the hotel. Oh, and hope that the plane does not arrive too late, and that immigration will not take too long.

In the end, everything turned out quite nice. We arrived there in time, found a nearby cache and then visited the Geocaching HQ. They created the entrance of the office in a way that visitors can stay there, added a big treasure box as cache, pictures and travel bugs along the wall, and also have a small shop. On the way to the hotel we also made a quick stop at the Geocaching Post Office.


The kid got a Geocaching Signal mascot, and happily used it during the vacation to take pictures with it at every Geocache we visited.

All in all the HQ is worth a visit, a nice experience and a good start of our vacation.

Seattle Space Needle

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