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Ansible: unpack a file on the remote host

Trying to unpack a file on the remote host using Ansible might end in an error message:

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"failed": true, "msg": "ERROR! file or module does not exist: /tmp/"}

I'm using Ansible here, and have previously copied "" to the host (yes, I know, the unarchive module can do the copy as well). Now I'm trying to unpack it:

- name: unzip archive
  unarchive: src=/tmp/ dest=/tmp/test-tmp-install remote_src=yes

This fails, even though I specify "remote_src" and tell Ansible that the file is already on the remote host.


The solution is easy, and braindead: there is another unarchive parameter named "copy". The default setting is "yes".

The documentation says that it is deprecated, and mutually exclusive to "remote_src". But still, not setting "copy=no" will result in Ansible looking for the file on your Ansible host, and failing miserable if it's not there. However, if the file is available on your Ansible host (think roles and the files directories), it will happily copy the file, and therefore overwrite your destination file with whatever is found on your Ansible host.

The correct Playbook statement is:

- name: unzip test archive
  unarchive: src=/tmp/ dest=/tmp/test-tmp-install remote_src=yes copy=no


Update: see the updated posting for Ansible >= 2.2


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A while ago I posted about a nasty problem in the Ansible "unarchive" module: in version 2.0.x, if you do not specify "copy=no", Ansible will happily copy the file again from the Ansible host. Turns out, that problem was fixed in version 2.2, but now t Comments ()


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