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GSoC 2014: Implementing clustering algorithms in MADlib

Happy to announce that Maxence Ahlouche has been accepted by both the PostgreSQL Project and by Google to implement clustering algorithms in MADlib during the Google Summer of Code 2014.

This project is mentored by Atri Sharma (former GSoC student) and me, with technical help from Pivotal (product owner of MADlib).

Looking forward to another successful GSoC year!

Quality control?

Got a piece of software into my hands, a driver for a DSL box. No Makefile's in the archive, no documentation, nothing. Just some directories with a lot of subdirectories and a buzzword "feature": a lot of code is self-generated from XML files.

Ok, some steps later, i ran into a compiler error: "error: invalid lvalue in assignment". Uff ...

After deep debugging into a lot of recursive and self-creating include files, there was this specific error:

(xml_user_context_t *)ucontext = __c_ctxt->global->uctxt;

After moving the cast part to the (in every meaning) right side of the assignment, things are working. At least for this part.

I bet, this was never compiling before, but it was released software from the manufacturer of the chips ...