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Advent of Code 2020: "Adapter Array" - Day 10

After you finished hacking the plane, your laptop dies: you forgot to charge it! Rookie mistake, or the calculations do consume a lot of power. The plane has a power outlet, but somehow it's a non-standard one, you need an adapter. But first a cocktail! Then you empty your backback on the seat next to you and find out that you have dozens of different adapters, which you can stack together. None of them really work, and hopefully you don't blow another fuse, or set the plane on fire!

The adapters you have can transform an imaginary Jolts value to another Jolts value, up to 3 Jolts up. And you find out that your laptop charger jumps 3 Jolts more than the highest rated adapter you have, although right now you don't know either of these value ... And since your laptop died, you need to calculate this on paper. Here is the list of 90 adapters in your backpack. Good luck!

Task 1: If you plug all 90 adapters together (Hopefully the plane is long enough, and the flight attendant does not spot what you are doing), what is the distribution of Joltage differences between the outlet (with 0 Jolts - seriously, no juice to begin with?), all adapters, and your +3 Jolts charger? Find a set that uses all adapters, calculate the Joltage differences, and multiply the +1 with the +3 differences. Seriously?

Task 2: Someone things that 90 adapters are not enough. Figure out in how many ways the 90 adapters can be arranged. On paper, because your laptop is still dead.


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Der Osterkalender - ein fehlerhaftes Produkt

Dieser Tage tauchte ein Osterkalender in unserer Küche auf. Da hat sich doch tatsächlich ein Süßwarenhersteller gedacht, dass man den beliebten Adventskalender für Kinder auf das Osterfest portieren könne. Keine schlechte Idee - nur sollte man vorher ein kleines bischen nachdenken: Continue reading "Der Osterkalender - ein fehlerhaftes Produkt"