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PGSQL Phriday #003: What is the PostgreSQL Community to me

Pat Wright is running this month’s #PGSQLPhriday, and the topic is “What is the PostgreSQL Community to you?

The answer for me is very versatile, and covers quite a lot. Took me a moment to gather the facets, and likely I’m still missing some parts.



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Community relations

I decided to have a second talk in front of my main talk and prepared some slides from the community day in Prato yesterday. The talk was named "Community relations" and got some attention ;-)

You can find the slides at:

My main talk was about migrating web platforms from MySQL to PostgreSQL but i was a bit nervous, so this wasn't a good show.

So sollte eine Community nicht funktionieren

Dieser Blogeintrag wird eine Zusammenstellung aller möglichen Links, die ich rund um StudiVZ (und die dortigen Probleme) finde:

Weitere Vorschläge sind herzlich willkommen.