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FrOSCamp 2010 in Zurich

The vintage Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich had invited to FrOSCamp and many open source projects had followed the call. The Fedora FUDCon conference and another conference were held on the same weekend at the same location. This gave some exchange between participants and resulted in interested visitors. Continue reading "FrOSCamp 2010 in Zurich"

PostgreSQL @ FrOSCamp 2010 in Zurich

There's a new FOSS conference taking place at the ETH in Zurich, called FrOSCamp. It's a two day conference but unlike many others it's on friday and saturday, september 17th/18th. FUDCon, the Fedora conference, is running parallel to FrOSCamp. Same time, same location.

The PostgreSQL guys from Switzerland and myself submitted a project booth and several talks and workshops. Four talks and workshops as well as the booth got accepted. You can attend:

  1. PostGIS/PostgreSQL for interactive maps (talk, speaker: Stefan Keller)
  2. Replication with PostgreSQL 9.0 (workshop, speaker: Andreas Scherbaum)
  3. PostgreSQL administration and optimization (talk, speaker: Stephan Wagner)
  4. What's new in PostgreSQL 9.0? (talk, speaker: Andreas Scherbaum)

Here is the full schedule.

Come and visit us in Zurich!