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Icinga Director and disk checks for fuse mountpoints

When I rolled out my new Icinga2 installation, and added disk checks for all laptops, I ran into a small problem: there is a fuse mountpoint for logged in users which only the user can read. Apparently it has something to do with Flatpack.

cat /proc/mounts | grep doc
/dev/fuse /run/user/1000/doc fuse rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=1000 0 0

By default, the Icinga2 ITL has a number of file system types excluded for the "check_disk" check, even some special fuse types, but plain "fuse" is not among them. Kind of makes sense, a fuse mountpoint can be anything, and you don't want to exclude all of them by default.

This results in the following error message when the check is rolled out on our laptops:

Plugin Output
DISK CRITICAL - /run/user/1000/doc is not accessible: Permission denied

Fortunately the fix is rather easy:



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How to configure notifications in Icinga2 Director

I'm using Icinga2 for a long time, but recently installed a new system and using Director for the first time. I know how to configure notifications in Icinga2 config files, but getting them working in Director (with Director options only) is a bit of a challenge.

Here is a step-by-step to get simple mail notifications working. From there it should be easier to configure more advanced notifications.


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