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What is the difference between OpenBSD and OpenSuSE?

The OpenBSD folks at Linuxdays Chemnitz (Chemnitzer Linuxtage, Germany) could not answer this question ;-) But i cannot understand, why one of the guys jumped up, run around the booth and tried to strangle me *uff*.

Beside this small ahem incident, we had a very funny and successful weekend. Many ppl visited our booth and asked interesting questions (and only a handful was about "what's the difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL"). The booth staff was Andreas Kretschmer, Bernd Helmle, Peter Eisentraut, Hans-Jürgen Schönig and myself. Hans-Jürgen also gave a talk about "Scalable PostgreSQL" and a workshop.

I visited some interesting talks and had a nice chat with the people from the BSD certification program. At the social evening the BSD guys and i started talking about FOSDEM next year. After the very successful event this year, there is also some space for improvements in 2009.

All in all a very good event, one of the best in Germany and we plan to attend again next year.