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PGDay Caribbean 2014 - April 1st joke

You might have guessed it, yesterday's announcement about the PGDay Caribbean 2014 was an April joke.

I've got this idea back at FOSDEM 2014 when we discussed possible options for our European PostgreSQL conference this year (and no, this conference will certainly not take place in the Caribbean).

There's another first: on the first day after the Call for Papers we already got two talk submissions ;-) I'm not sure, but I think this never happened before.

I would like to thank Magnus Hagander for his help with the DNS setup, cross-checking the website content, correcting my mistakes and everything, without him this would not have been possible.

Will leave the conference website online for a few more days, enjoy it! 

PGDay Caribbean 2014 - Sommer, Sun & PostgreSQL

PGDay Caribbean 2014 is a one day PostgreSQL conference which takes place on August 1st, in the beautiful city of St. Martin in the Caribbean. The event follows a well known pattern from other PGDay events: great talks, good community, drinks - and we add summer and sunshine on top.

The Call for Papers will be opened tomorrow, but we have a limited number of seats, so head over to the conference website and make your reservation today!

See you in the Caribbean! 

Call for Papers for PGConf.DE 2013

PGConf.DE 2013 is the sequel of the German Speaking PostgreSQL Conference in 2011. This year's PGConf.DE will be held on November 8th in the Rheinischen Industriemuseum in Oberhausen, followed by the OpenRheinRuhr at the same venue.

Topics for PostgreSQL Users, Developers, Contributors and Desicion Makers will be covered. For more information about the conference, please visit the website at:

We are now accepting proposals for talks. Please note that we are looking for talks in English and German.
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Call for Sponsors: German-speaking PostgreSQL Conference 2013

The German-speaking PostgreSQL Conference 2013 is an excellent way for businesses to reach users and developers, or to give something back to the community. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we have put together several options for you:

The offers for Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship are described on the website. Please contact us if you are interested in other forms of sponsorship.

Announcement: German-speaking PostgreSQL Conference 2013

PGConf.DE 2013 is the sequel of the highly successful German-speaking PostgreSQL Conference 2011. We maintain the proven concept: November 8th, 2013, the Rhineland Industrial Museum in Oberhausen.

The call for papers will open in a few days. Registration for the conference will be possible well in advance. Tickets may be purchased online in advance as well as at the entrance. Due to limited capacity, early booking is advisable. For sponsors, we have put together a package that includes among other things, a number of discounted ticket. More in the Call for Sponsors in a separate announcement.

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PGDay.EU 2010 - Kart racing

On tuesday evening, after the conference, we went to a kart racing arena near Stuttgart. This event was announced in the first mail to all participants, although there was no reminder because all available places in the cars (for transportation to the kart racing) were already reserved after a short time.

We had 20 drivers, splitted up in 3 groups. Each group had 10 minutes for qualifying and a 10 minute race. Although someone gave me all the papers with the results, there are no names on most of the sheets. So I cannot say who won each of the three races.

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Second day of PGDay.Eu 2010

The second conference day started with stress: the schedule was wrong in the booklet, the first talks in the morning were scheduled with 20 minutes instead of 50. This was the reason why so many visitors showed up early ;-) We decided to cut the next talks 5 minutes short and take 5 or 10 minutes from the breaks. After lunch we were back in schedule again.

Because of a PGEU board meeting - originally scheduled before the first talk, but then delayed because of the booklet error - I missed the first talk in the morning. Then I attended Stefan "mastermind" Kaltenbrunner's talk about "Benchmarking and performance tests for and with PostgreSQL" - and yes, I learned something new. The next slot in the same room was reserved for my talk about "Porting databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL". Not so many visitors as for my previous talk, but not everyone is interested in this topic anyway. We had some nice discussions and I got the impression that not everybody is aware about the amount of problems which raises such a project.

After the excellent lunch I was room host for Gianni Ciolli and his talk about "Windows that Work: How to use complex SQL for the greater good" as well as for Dimitri Fontaine and his talk about "PostgreSQL extension's development". I learned that now it's a good time to rewrite my table_log extension and port it to the upcoming extension infrastructure.

The last slot of the day was reserved for Ed Boyajian and his presentation about "PostgreSQL's time to shine". He included some very interesting numbers, you can find this (and most of the other) slides on the PG wiki.

Dave and Magnus really got the last word ;-) They told us about the success for this year's conference, showed some numbers and then we thanked all speakers and helpers (especially Harald and the guys from imos).

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First day of PGDay.Eu 2010

The first day of PGDay:EU 2010 was cool. All the work done yesterday now paid out: registration for everyone took only seconds and nobody had to wait.

The conference started with a welcome from our president and then with a keynote given by Simon Phipps.

After the keynote I was room host for two talks in the german track, and I had the pleasure to announce a PostGIS talk given by Stefan Keller and Andreas Neumann, and a talk about PostgreSQL in Business, given by Marc Balmer.

After a very good lunch, I was scheduled for the last talk on this day on the german track. The talk was about "Open Source Decisions": I asked several companies about the reasons why they are using open or closed source software (and some other related questions) and compiled an advocacy talk from the answers. Thanks to my audience for a very successfull discussion.

In the evening, EnterpriseDB hosted the usual social event. There was good food and drinks and we had a room just for us. It was a good time to talk with old friends and join others for good discussions.

Preparing PGDay.EU 2010 in Stuttgart

It's this time of the year again: the Annual European PostgreSQL Conference (PGDay.EU 2010) is near.

The last weeks were very busy. We had an online meeting every week, ordered some stuff, told our sponsors where to send the flyers and in general we had a very long todo list to solve. Last saturday and sunday, several team members started arriving in Stuttgart and we met up to drink some beers and actually find some time to prepare the conference ;-)

This year we made the decision to have PGDay.EU 2010 in a hotel, not in an university like the previous years. The idea was to make the event more attractive for companies and authorities - and based on the registration numbers the visitors accepted the choice. After some search earlier this year we had chosen the SI-Center in Stuttgart for this years conference. The Center
itself isn't just a building, it's a whole complex. Our rooms for the talks are distributed among two buildings, but luckily the visitors don't have to go outside (it's snowing) to change rooms. In addition the SI-Center is providing food and drinks so we don't have to take care of this part.

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PGDay.EU 2010 Call for Papers

PGDay.EU 2010 wird vom 6. bis zum 8. Dezember im Millenium Hotel in
Stuttgart stattfinden. Es werden Themen für PostgreSQL Anwender,
Entwickler und Mitwirkende sowie für Entscheidungsträger behandelt.
Mehr Informationen über die Konferenz gibt es auf der Webseite unter:

Wir akzeptieren nun Vorschläge für Vorträge. Bitte beachte, das wir
sowohl Vorträge in Englisch wie auch in Deutsch akzeptieren.

Jeder Vortrag wird 45 Minuten dauern und kann jedes beliebige für
PostgreSQL relevante Thema beinhalten. Einige Vorschläge für

 * Entwickeln von Anwendungen für PostgreSQL
 * Administration von großen und skalierenden PostgreSQL Installationen
 * Fallstudien von PostgreSQL Installationen
 * PostgreSQL Werkzeuge und Hilfsprogramme
 * PostgreSQL Hacking
 * Community & Benutzergruppen
 * Tunen des Servers
 * Migrieren von anderen Systemen
 * Skalieren/Replikation
 * Benchmarking & Hardware
 * Produkte die PostgreSQL verwenden

Natürlich werden Einreichungen aus anderen, PostgreSQL relevanten
Bereichen ebenfalls akzeptiert.

Wir haben ebenfalls eine limitierte Anzahl von 90-minütigen
Vortragsplätzen verfügbar. Bitte verdeutliche in deiner
Einreichung, wenn du einen 90-minütigen Vortrag einreichst.

Schlussendlich wird es eine Reihe von 5-minütigen Lightning Talks
geben. Dazu wird es einen separaten Call for Papers geben.

Die Vorschläge müssen bis zum 11. Oktober 2010 eingereicht werden. Die
ausgewählten Sprecher werden bis zum 25. Oktober 2010 informiert. Bitte
mailt die Vorschläge an, folgende Informationen müssen
enthalten sein:

 * Name
 * Firma (falls das zutrifft)
 * Biografie (ein Abschnitt über dich und dein Mitwirken bei PostgreSQL)
 * Titel des Vortrags
 * Abstrakt des Vortrags

Wenn dein Vortrag in Deutsch ist, füge bitte einen Satz auf Englisch
mit einer Beschreibung des Vortrags hinzu, aus Gründen der Übersicht.

Die Vorträge werden von einem Ausschuss in Betracht gezogen und ein
Zeitplan wird zum Start der Konferenz hin veröffentlicht. Wenn dein
Vorschlag akzeptiert wurde wirst du per E-Mail innerhalb von zwei
Wochen nach Einreichungsfrist informiert.

Der Call for Papers ist ebenfalls im Web verfügbar unter:

Wir freuen uns von dir zu hören und sehen uns in Stuttgart im Dezember! 2010 findet in Stuttgart statt


nach vielem Suchen haben wir endlich einen Veranstaltungsort sichern
können für den PGDay Europa 2010, die größte Europäische PostgreSQL
Konferenz in diesem Jahr. Selbige wird dieses Jahr in Stuttgart vom 6.
bis zum 8. Dezember stattfinden und besteht aus zwei Tagen Konferenz
(mit Vorträgen auf Englisch und Deutsch) und einem Tag für Schulungen.

Auf der Webseite finden sich weitere

Der Call for Papers wird demnächst veröffentlicht und wenn du an einem
Sponsoring dieser Veranstaltung interessiert bist kontaktiere uns so
bald wie möglich.

Wir sehen uns in Stuttgart!