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Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 19. Oktober 2008

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== Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 19. Oktober 2008 ==

Simon Riggs hat zwei neue Revisionen seiner kompletten Hot-Standby
Implementierung veröffentlicht.

Der erste jährliche Europäische PGDay war ein Erfolg,
mit fast 190 angemeldeten Teilnehmern. Bernd Helmle gab bekannt das
er seinen WIP Patch für updateable Views in der kommenden Woche
veröffentlichen möchte und Zdenek Kotala sagte er möchte seine
Upgrade-in-place Patches mittels git im gleichen Zeitraum verfügbar

Emmanuel Cecchet hat einige Instruktionen zur Nutzung von Eclipse
für die PostgreSQL Entwicklung eingesandt.

== PostgreSQL Produkt Neuigkeiten ==

Archiveopteryx 3.0.2 erschienen.

== PostgreSQL Jobs im Oktober ==

== PostgreSQL Lokal ==

Dickson Guedes sucht Helfer für das PgMeeting in Florianópolis.
Schreibe an guediz AT gmail DOT com wenn du helfen möchtest.

PostgreSQL hat einen Stand auf der LinuxLive, Olymbia, in Londok (GB)
vom 23-25. Oktober 2008. Schreibe Dave Page wenn du teilnehmen möchtest.
dpage AT pgamin DOT org

Es wird einen PostgreSQL BoF auf dem Ontario Linux Fest am 25.
Oktober geben.

== PostgreSQL in den News ==

Planet PostgreSQL:

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The usual note: in Prato is a smashing success ;-)

Registration took a bit longer than expected because of a lot visitors so the keynote started with several minutes delay. It was worth waiting, the speakers had a good audience:

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Preparing for PGDay

Magnus and i arrived early in Prato. Later on wednesday in the night Dave and Greg joined us. So on thursday we had time to help preparing PGday.

Oh, and i heard, in the evening the group got lost again in Prato - the third time for some of them ;-)

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Already in Prato

Yesterday Magnus and i met on Frankfurt/Main airport and flew together to Florence. People, don't try to find this ominous CAP bus station on the highway! Just take the ATAF bus heading to Florence station, the stop is right outside the airport near all the white cabs. You can't miss it. The bus driver sells you a ticket for 4,50€ to Santa Maria Novella. On the station you need another ticket, it cost 1,80€ but the ticket machine knows about english. You have to look for a train heading to "Lucca".

In Prato we first decided to get some food and found a nice restaurant. On the way back we got lost in the city and several minutes later found the Prato Linux User Group. From there the way back to the hotel is easy - and the porter told us Gabriele was just here and he will join us at the PLUG house later. Ok, back to where we came from ;-)

We really met Gabriele and he leaved short after to pick up Dave and Greg on the airport. After they checked in we decided to get a last beer, walked into the city and found a nice pub, One beer later we called it a day and on the way back to the hotel - we got lost again ;-) Don't try Google Maps on your iPhone in a city, it's not really helpful. And bring money, according to Greg most ATM aren't working in Prato and he tried several cash machines *g*

Keysigning party at European PGDay 2008 in Prato

There will be a keysigning party at PGDay.(it|eu) in Prato/Italy. The event is the last track friday in the evening, probably 16:50-17:30 (that's 4:50-5:30 pm).

The keysigning will not start until all talks finished so everybody has the chance to participate.

If you want to participate you have to register your pgp key.

More information about this registration can be found on the PGDay website:

Finally back home

After a long trip i finally arrived at home. Because the way from Italy back to Germany is very long, i made a stop in Munich and met some old friends. From the moment Stefan and i had seen Austria until i was in Munich it was heavily raining. After having sunshine and 30 or more degree in Italy this was really sobering.

My pictures from our trip to Florence are online now and you can see them here:

I also made some pictures from the mountains, but since it was already start raining at this time, i don't had the chance to make more pics:

Weekly PostgreSQL newsletter

We just finised and mailed the PWN ... this time David and i was posting to our list at exactly the same time ;-)

We used the chance of being in Italy at the same time (, you know) to create the PWN together. Five people are just sitting in David's room, created the PWN and had a lot of fun working on this. Now we will go out and find a bar, i think, we really deserved it, or?