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openHAB and HP printer

Recent openHAB versions come with a new HP Printer Binding, which is a big improvement over the more general IPP Binding for printers.

The new binding reads the data from two files which are provided by the printer:

  • http://<printer>/DevMgmt/ProductUsageDyn.xml
  • http://<printer>/DevMgmt/ProductStatusDyn.xml

Let's install that ...


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HP Color LaserJet: Unable to connect to the network

We have a HP Color LaserJet in the office, one of these which can do both printing and scanning. The newer versions include a very nice feature "Scan to network folder" - so I did setup options to scan different PDF sizes to all of our laptops. Very convenient!

Until it stopped working a while ago.

The printer refuses scans to a network folder with the error message: "Scan Error" "Unable to connect to the network. Check the network, and then try again."


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