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Enable Deep Sleep mode on Tuxedo Computers Pulse 15 Gen2

A while ago we bought new Pulse 15 laptops from Tuxedo Computers.

Installed Ubuntu on them, and for a while the sleep mode was nagging me, it does not really work. Today I found time to investigate this issue.

First let's find out which sleep mode is enabled:

cat /sys/power/mem_sleep

Something is wrong here. Not only can't I set the sleep mode to the desired "deep" mode, the "deep" mode is not even available. That explains why things are not working as expected.

After some research it turns out that this might be a BIOS problem. Prepare to reboot!

After the laptop powers up, press the "Del" key until the BIOS comes up. Then navigate to "Advanced Settings" -> "AMD PBS" -> "S3/Modern Standby Support".

The default is "Modern Standby Enable", but it turns out that this is the culprit. Changing this to "S3 Enable" and then reboot fixes the problem and "deep" now shows up in the available Linux Power States.

Then follow the description in this link, and permamently set the sleep mode to "deep".

cat /sys/power/mem_sleep
s2idle [deep]