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Good-bye Trello, Hello Wunderlist

For quite a while now, my wife and I were using Trello to keep things organized. We both had our private lists and boards, and also a few shared boards for joint tasks. Over time we realized that this tool is more annoying than helpful, and we decided to try something else. After a lengthy discovery phase we settled with Wunderlist.


There are a few requirements we have for a to-do list tool:

  • Shared boards/lists
  • Managed using a Website, obviously
  • Android app, possibly iOS app
  • Proper notifications, as in configurable alarms and separate notification per task
  • Subtasks and checklists
  • Attachments
  • Option to assign a task to someone else
  • A bit more fancy and modern interface than Trello has

All in all not very advanced features, all basic stuff.


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