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KeepingYouAwake on Mac OS X

On my Mac, one of the annoying 'features' is when the Mac screensaver comes on, the device eventually goes to sleep, and it disconnects the network. Which in turn timeouts services like Slack or Google, because these services keep a network connection open at all times. When waking up the device, I often have to login again into all the services, even though the device is just sitting in my working room on the desk all day and night. Very annoying.

OpenVPN on iPad

Vacation time ahead, and the iPad in the house (who ever had the idea of buying one?) needs a proper VPN connection, in order to be able to access Netflix in Germany.

On Android it’s fairly easy: install the app, drop CA cert, private cert, and key on the device, add everything - done. Three devices ready in less than 10 minutes.

And then I tried the iPad

Probleme in der Wolke (aka: Backup in the Cloud)

Als langjähriger Palm-Anwender hat es mich sehr gefreut, vor einiger Zeit die Ankündigungen zum Palm Pre zu lesen. Ein neues Gerät, die Optik sah gut aus und außerdem sollte ein Linux drunter laufen. Was will man mehr?