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xPyrus community framework released by UniHelp e.V.

UniHelp e.V. - a registered student association in Magdeburg/Germany - announces the release of xPyrus, a framework for operating communities and document sharing platforms.

The framework is based on PHP 5 and PostgreSQL and has been running the students' community (a platform for exchanging study-related documents and connecting students) in Magdeburg since 2002.

The entire framework is released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 at A Unix-based server is required for installation and use of all features, however, a hosting service can be provided by UniHelp e.V. on request, especially for student organizations.

Manage Serendipity installations with Spartacus

I have to manage a few Serendipity (s9y) installations. Only one of them is my personal blog, the others are customer installations, all on different servers. Apart from new Serendipity versions, there’s also the problem with updated plugins. How can one know about available updates without opening each blog in a browser window, open administration, select Configure Plugins and check for new sidebar and event plugins?

Stupid open_basedir handling in PHP

I have an application which has to run on different webservers (or to be more specific on servers with a different directory layout). On one servers the php files are in /usr/home, the next one is using /www, the third one /var/www and last but not least my laptop has the files in my home directory which is under /home.

No problem - or?

BOOLEAN datatype with PHP-compatible output

If you use pure PHP (no database abstraction layer) with PostgreSQL, you may run into the problem that your BOOLEAN columns are not recognized by PHP but the value is instead returned as a string.

UBERWACH plugin for serendipity

Maybe you already noted the small surveillance camera in the menu list on the right side. Hopefully the icon is green, that would be good for you. If it’s red your request comes from an IP-address known for being allocated by a German ministry or political party. Thats nice to know, isn’t it?

Wenn ein Consultant programmiert ...

So etwas kommt dabei heraus, wenn ein Consultant sich am programmieren versucht:

Rasmus Lerdorf is praising PHP ...

Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, tells us (here), that the web is broken and “we” had damaged it. But there would be PHP, which can fix all the issues. Ok, let’s see what Rasmus has to tell us.

PHP does not need Transactions

Just stumbled about a curiosity: there are 82 functions in the current PostgreSQL part of PHP. Functions like pg_select(), which takes from you the burden of writing a SELECT ... FROM tablename or pg_delete(), pg_insert() and pg_update() which all does, what do you expect: SELECT, DELETE, INSERT or UPDATE, and do the error checking. There are even 7 different functions for getting your results back into PHP.

But there is no function for starting, committing or rolling back a transaction. It seems, the message about the usefulness of transaction has yet not reached the PHP developers. Not that I’m surprised, the standard PHP/MySQL user seems to have no need for transactions …