ads' corner 2023 Speaker Dinner

Traditionally, we (the conference organizers) invite the speakers and volunteers to a dinner the evening before the conference. The venue is downstairs, and the seating splits the larger group up into up to 6 people per table. Ideal conditions to walk around, chat with everyone, talk with old friends and meet new peoole.

English Stammtisch Goes Magdeburg

Seit einigen Jahren haben wir einen regulären English Stammtisch im Norden Berlins. Wir treffen uns Dienstags und besuchen verschiedene Restaurants in der Umgebung. Für diesen Samstag hatten wir etwas anderes geplant: ein Ausflug mit dem Zug nach Magdeburg um die Stadt zu erkunden und den Weihnachtsmarkt zu besuchen.

Weihnachtsmarkt im Strandbad Lübars

Zur Weihnachtszeit findet im Strandbad Lübars ein kleiner, feiner Weihnachtsmarkt direkt am Wasser statt. Der Weihnachtsmarkt ist dieses Jahr vom 30. November bis zum 23. Dezember jeweils Donnerstags bis Sonntags geöffnet.

PGSQL Phriday #0014 - PostgreSQL Events

Pavlo Golub is hosting this month's PGSQL Phriday. The topic is 'PostgreSQL Events'.

New Blog

New blog. Or, more exactly, new blog software. I moved this blog from Serendipity to Hugo.

Enable Deep Sleep mode on Tuxedo Computers Pulse 15 Gen2

A while ago we bought new Pulse 15 laptops from Tuxedo Computers. Installed Ubuntu on them, and for a while the sleep mode was nagging me, it does not really work. Today I found time to investigate this issue.

Obsidian: Paste URL into selection

I have a few community plugins enabled in my Obsidian. One of them is 'Paste URL into selection' - and it fits very well into the Markdown workflow. Also what you might know from other tools like Slack.

Show me recent notes in my Obsidian Work Vault

In the previous Obsidian blog posting about managing tasks I showed a note which lists all open tasks in my Work vault. This gives me quick access to all open tasks. In the same way I use another note quite often which shows me recently added and changed files in my Work vault.

Show me all open Work tasks in Obsidian

My Obsidian vault is 'all-in-one', personally I don't like switching between multiple vaults for work and private stuff, and I organize it in a way to keep things separated in one vault. Multiple templates I'm using automatically generate Tasks in my vault, therefore I need a convenient way to see open work tasks. This blog posting describes the approach I'm using.

Daily Notes in Obsidian

Obsidian is a note-taking software and knowledge base software, where the notes/files are written in Markdown. For quite a while I'm using it in my daily work. One of the cool features it has is named 'Daily Notes'.