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Posted by ads' corner on Tuesday, 2007-03-27
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Finally, after (I think) 13 years, I switched my mail user agent from pine to mutt. Not that I like the latter more, it has other problems and/or ways of handling mails which I don’t like. But the (non-existent) pgp support in pine drove me crazy. After configuring a while around, more than 300 .muttrc config lines and some Perl scripts to create send-hooks from nicely configured roles later, I have almost the same behaviour like before.

Some questions remain:

  • why does mutt jump to the next message in the pager, if I scroll down with the cursor keys at the end of the message? And how can I switch off this annoying behaviour? set pager_stop=yes
  • default colors (at least on my system) are ugly as hell, I like my green on black terminal but I don’t have a great choice in colors here, mutt has only 10 or so colors …
  • why is the send-hook not able to match the whole header (~h)? This is especially stupid because some of my former roles matched on mailinglists or email addresses only used as a target or some other header stuff. According to one comment here the 1.5 devel versions have a reply-hook … but it’s still devel.
  • why is there no possibility to stop hooks after a match?
  • $folder is set, but if I try to save a mail, mutt starts in ~, not in $folder, which would be the logical start point.
  • why does mutt jump over deleted mails in the index and why is there no config option to switch this off? Even pine has this. Use next-entry and previous-entry instead of next-undeleted and previous-undeleted, which is the default.
  • setmenu_scroll=yes is nice, but pine offers additional usability by not scrolling at the last line but instead you can see the next (configurable) number of mails during the scroll. Use set menu_context=number.
  • pine does not only offer (a better) help for the current function or view, it also has links to other topics and to the index.
  • character encoding in the index does not work properly (yes, I tried every trick on the charset wikipage).
  • to be continued

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